10 Kitchen Mini Bar Under Stairs

Kitchen Mini Bar

Kitchen Mini Bar Designing an elegant kitchen today doesn’t have to be expensive, because there are lots of simple and inexpensive kitchen designs. There are even some interesting ideas for modifying your kitchen on a limited budget, as discussed this time, namely the mini bar kitchen under the stairs. Moreover, the kitchen is one of the essential rooms in the house because many of the family’s favorite foods are produce from here.

The mini bar design has become increasingly popular lately because it can be applie to a limited area of the house. Having an elongated and multifunctional concept, the mini bar kitchen under the stairs is also an efficient solution for those who have a small kitchen.

1. Under the Minimalist Stairs

Minimalist design doesn’t have to be just white or black or monochrome. You can follow the example of a mini bar kitchen design that is place under the stairs of your house in a very minimalist way. Try this blue kitchen mini bar idea under the stairs featuring a marble countertop with blue cabinets. Then to add to the minimalist impression, install floating shelves stacked on the wall to place decorations and kitchen equipment that can be displaye. Equip your kitchen mini bar under your stairs with a mini drinks fridge.

Mini bars are now widely applie in homes. If previously you often encountere mini bars in cafes or restaurants, now mini bars are also suitable to be place in home kitchens. A kitchen featuring a mini bar is of course a kitchen with a modern design. So, in order for your mini bar and modern minimalist kitchen to look harmonious, you also have to pay attention to many aspects.

2. Wood Accent Stairs

 Under the stairs features modern brown wood veneered cabinets. To sweeten the look of a mini bar kitchen design, choose bronze cabinet knobs and match it with an off-white table top. You can use the mini bar as a public space at home. For example, when guests arrive, you can invite them to enjoy dinner at this mini bar.

This place can also be use as a place to relax with your partner while chatting and drinking coffee or tea. Sounds interesting, right? Even though there are a few additional functions, namely as part of a public space, you shouldn’t ignore the main function of the kitchen and mini bar.

3.  Stairs in White Shades

 The kitchen with rich lighting will look contrasting with the white table and chairs. This look will look incredibly luxurious even if your kitchen is small and minimalist. Bright colors like white are favorites that are usually applie to small kitchens. In addition to giving the impression of a neat and spacious kitchen, a white kitchen mini bar can also make a kitchen look beautiful. In order to give a slightly futuristic impression, using silver or metallic kitchen furniture or mini bar stools can be an option.

4. Modern Contemporary

This under stairs mini bar kitchen has black base cabinets embellished with polished nickel on top. For the countertop, use a combination of stainless steel materials to make it rust resistant. The downstairs mini bar kitchen is also equippe with a double door mini fridge with glass doors. Beside it is a dishwasher place under the sink. Spice up the look with a black marble tile floor set in a brick formation.

Keep creating a comfortable atmosphere and room for your daily cooking activities. Because the mini bar and kitchen are considere part of your public space, make sure they are always clean and tidy so that guests who visit feel comfortable in your mini bar kitchen.

5.  Open Airy Stairs

Many people like the minimalist kitchen design under the stairs with an open concept. That’s because kitchens are becoming more accessible so many people feel comfortable when cooking. Not only that, the stairs that are high enough in this kitchen design also make the kitchen look much wider than its actual size. Even the bottom of a high ladder can be use as a storage area for household furniture so that it can save more space.

6. Natural Stone Stairs

This design is perfect for a tiny house that carries a classic, modern and natural concept. Natural stone on the wall enhances the appearance of the kitchen locate under the stairs, which is loade with wood colors. In order to be able to store more items in a room that is not too large, use the stairs as a storage area, both for daily necessities or for the kitchen. Elements of stone and wood will appear fresher with accents of greenery.

7.  Stairs Classic

This is one of the classic mini bar kitchen designs that you can sample. The beige and white hues definitely give the kitchen a natural look and the addition of a red stool and pendant lamp gives this room just the right amount of lighting. Keep in mind, the kitchen is the center of life in a house. That’s because the kitchen is an important room for preparing food and drinks for family members. The kitchen must be comfortable so that it can store various kitchen furniture and cutlery neatly and also keep it clean.

8.  Stairs Monochrome

Monochrome or black and white is never boring. For that, a small kitchen under a monochrome staircase can be the right recommendation. Combine black furniture with white in the kitchen to give an elegant, clean and sleek impression. Complement the look of the kitchen with a wood pattern floor for a more modern and neat look that makes it comfortable when doing activities in the kitchen.

9. Tiny Stairs

A small kitchen under the stairs can look simpler and minimalist without a series of kitchen sets. (Photo: Pinterest)
Without a series of kitchen sets, a small kitchen under the stairs can look simpler and minimalist. This can also take advantage of the space under the stairs which  usually left unuse. Use under the stairs as a place to store cooking utensils so that the tiny kitchen looks tidier. To make it prettier, use two colors in the small kitchen display under the stairs. Like white and blue or white and pink to provide unique accents and a non-monotonous kitchen look.

10.  Floating Stairs

Mini bar kitchen under the floating staircase of a mid-century modern style house designed by Studio Steinborner. It is quite spacious with a triangular ceramic backsplash. This mini bar kitchen design is fun to use for hanging out with family members or guests. There is a large circle-shape dining table which is suitable for eating breakfast and drinking tea or coffee in a relaxe manner. The choice of material makes the room look warm and cozy. One of the advantages of using a mini bar kitchen set is that it saves space because it combines the kitchen and dining room into one in a simple yet attractive style.